Terms of Use

iPerHour Terms of Use

The use of this site, its contents, and services are provided under your acceptance of the terms below.


Using or browsing this site and/or registering for its services, is considered your consent to these terms. It is forbidden to use this site and/or its services in any way that breaks the law. The site management has the right to suspend, block, or ban a user for violating these terms. The site management has the right to update or change these terms as frequently as deemed necessary. One shall not use this site or its services for any illegal purposes.


Registering for this site is allowed only for the age of 16 and above. By registering for this site, you declare that you are indeed 16 years old or older. You shall not register any other person without their proven consent and/or without their presence and involvement during the registration, and only after these terms are to be thoroughly explained to that person.
Registration to this site is for a personal use only, and one is not allowed to pass their credentials to any other person. In addition, while registering you are obliged to provide all the true personal details needed for registration and/or contact details for future contact.


By any and all means, it is totally forbidden to advertise or publish any false or misleading information, pornographic content and/or sexual or characteristics, to vilify or damage ones privacy, race, and/or reference to illegal content.

You are solely responsible for the validity of the information you publish or advertise or submit throughout the site. The sites management is not responsible by any means for the content advertised or delivered throughout the site and the users.

Any commercial use by sending advertisement to users, or publishing commercial content that does not match the site characteristics is strictly forbidden.
It is forbidden to send a message to more than 5 people.

You declare that you are aware that the site’s management, founders and owners have no way of verifying, or filtering the users registering to this site.

In any case of contacting any of the service providers enlisted in the site, it is recommended to consider it thoroughly and make sure you get the most of that person’s details before setting up a meeting. Furthermore, you shall take all safety measures for your own security before meeting any person you meet on this site. In any case, the site, company, management, owners, and/or founders have no responsibility to any consequence of contacting a person on our site. Including, without degrading from the above, physical damages, mental damages, economical damages, emotional damages, etc.

Our goal as the site management is that the site and services will be available at any time. Yet, the site management cannot obligate to the site availability at any time, or be without errors and problems. In addition, the site management is allowed to stop the site’s service from time to time for maintenance. There will not be any compensation due to problems in the service or availability of the site at any time or for any case.

All rights and intellectual property in relation to the site is by the site owner.
The site’s management is not responsible for the content of ads, banners, or any other advertisement content on the site. The responsibility for that is upon the advertisers only.
The existence of links (URLs) to other sites does not imply that the content on those other sites is safe, their trustfulness, or take responsibility in any other way. Also, iPerHour is not responsible for any of the links’ content or sources.

These terms are under the Israeli jurisdiction, by the court of law in Safed.

By joining as a user, you hereby consent for SMS messages to be sent to the phone you provided in your credentials. iPerHour is doing all that it can to keep ones contact info private, that being said, it is not responsible in the event an external entity is to intrude to the system.

You accept that the profile is to be publically visible to all the sites’ visitors, and that it can be shared in various social-networks. By creating a profile, you agree that your profile could be used as a part of advertising the service.

By registering you agree to get information and updates from the service, including advertisement, marketing and published links. In case a user would like to remove themselves from the mailing list, they shall reply with the word “remove”.

iPerHour, its management or staff, are not responsible for any message and/or content sent by employers on the site, nor the number of messages they receive and the time they are sent.

iPerHour is not responsible for any kind of intellectual property, or another, that is violated by an unauthorized publication or advertisement of an image, photograph, logo, or any other case of intellectual property or copyright infringement. iPerHour reserves itself the freedom to remove any publication or advertisement that is brought to its attention for violation of such private, intellectual property or copyright claim.